Taking A Strategic Approach To Protect Your Inheritance

When written and administered appropriately, wills and trusts not only simplify the inheritance process but these estate tools also safeguard the financial interests of beneficiaries and grantors. However, problems arise when individuals commit unlawful acts to gain a financial advantage.

At Storm & Piscopo, P.C., we use our substantial knowledge of Illinois law and legal procedures to represent those who have been adversely affected by trust fiduciaries and those who use undue influence to gain an advantage over a person making a will or trust. Our attorneys have a proven record of success resolving will contests and trust litigation.

Using The Law To Hold Responsible Parties Accountable

Our lawyers design estate plans for families throughout Geneva and the surrounding area. We leverage this experience when we review the terms of the contested wills or scrutinize evidence provided regarding a fiduciary’s breach of contract.

We represent clients contesting a will or trust for reasons that include:

  • Undue influence due to coercion by family members, guardians or other individuals in close contact with the testator
  • Testamentary capacity, in which the testator is not of sound mind when drawing up the will
  • Forgery or fraudulent acts that negatively affected beneficiaries or other interested parties
  • Obtaining an accounting of assets and expenses of the estate or trust

Our attorneys have the trial experience necessary to advocate for our clients in trust litigation proceedings. We create strong arguments to support complex suits, such as:

  • Self-dealing
  • Improper execution of trust terms
  • Inaccurate or fraudulent accounting
  • Misuse of funds

With our assistance, our clients have received appropriate compensation for damages incurred by the breach of fiduciary duty or breach of trust.

Arrange A Meeting With Us Today

In Illinois, interested parties have a limited period of time to contest wills and file trust suits in court. Delaying action can irreparably harm your case. When you make an appointment with our Geneva law firm, we will review the circumstances surrounding your case and give you an honest assessment of your available options.

We offer free initial consultations for many legal matters and charge reasonable rates for others. Call 630-232-6170 to schedule your appointment today.