Securing Effective Remedies For Contract Disputes

Well-written contracts underpin each stage of the business life cycle, from a business’s startup to its development, and even when it is wound down, sold or passed down to the next generation. When a contract dispute arises, this conflict can dramatically affect the business’s long-term viability.

At Storm & Piscopo, P.C., we have the experience you need to resolve complex contract disputes effectively. We draw on our litigation background to identify a strategy that most effectively addresses your contract matter. We strive to minimize the time and cost needed to resolve your dispute, but we are also ready to take all steps necessary to obtain the justice you deserve.

Customizing Our Approach According To Your Circumstances And Concerns

Our firm’s lawyers draw on their transactional experience when they evaluate client claims. We write agreements for Illinois business owners in a variety of industries. We use this insight to analyze terms of the agreement to determine whether a breach of contract or a violation of any other law has taken place and to find the best means to address that breach, either through negotiated settlement or litigation.

We advocate for our clients’ interests regarding conflicts with partners, shareholders, vendors, suppliers, employees or other parties. Our firm has handled both disputes and negotiations in a variety of fields, including:

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership contracts
  • Severance agreements
  • Merger and acquisition agreements
  • Noncompete clause, also known as a “covenant not to compete” or “restrictive covenant”
  • Supply contracts

Our attorneys strive to promote cost-effective solutions. We are skilled negotiators, capable of obtaining out-of-court remedies. Should negotiations fail to yield acceptable results, we are ready and prepared to zealously represent your interests in court.

Attending To Your Bottom Line Throughout The Legal Process

Our attorneys are accessible during and after regular business hours. We aim to accommodate you by offering flexible appointment times in the evening and on weekends. Contact us over the phone at 630-232-6170 to schedule your consultation at our Geneva office. If necessary, we can come to you as well.