Defense In Complex Defamation, Libel And Slander Cases

The explosion of internet blogging and the incredible increase in traffic on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have introduced a whole new group of citizen journalists, along with a population of rogue commentators, some of whom are quick to abuse and misuse their newfound voices.

As lawsuits against bloggers and other online commentators increase, however, and legislatures are increasingly pressured to confront the abuses of these new forums, the vigilance with which we are prepared to continue defending our fundamental right to free speech will be tested.

A Solid Track Record Of Success Defending Defamation Suits

The Media Law Resource Center maintains a page that lists cases and incidents throughout the country where online speech is threatened. If you or your business has been threatened or served with defamation or false light suit, contact our experienced Geneva defamation attorneys and schedule a consultation. One of our lawyers will explain your legal rights and the defenses and options available to you.

Retain An Aggressive Illinois Libel And Slander Attorney

The lawyers at Storm & Piscopo, P.C. bring a wealth of background and experience to the defense of libel, slander and
false light claims. We have successfully defended numerous newspapers, reporters, teachers, union officials, not-for-profit corporations and their directors and private citizens who have been sued for their statements and opinions.

We have also handled First Amendment cases concerning access to public and government records and the right to open forums and meetings through the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act.

We are familiar with and prepared to use all of the recent developments in Illinois law, including the Illinois Citizen Participation Act that provides important tools and resources to defend against SLAPP suits (strategic lawsuits against public participation) and other claims brought against citizens who speak out publicly about governmental proceedings and against the abuses they witness. If you have been sued for stating your views, call us today.

Our Attorneys Protect The Reputations of Individuals And Businesses Throughout Illinois

We are also prepared to advise and represent business owners and others who have been subject to false and disparaging reviews and comments about their business practices and reputations. Because of our familiarity with the defenses and tools available to online bloggers and commentators, we are acutely aware of how to achieve justice for our clients who have been harmed by false and defamatory statements.

If you have been subjected to or accused of libel, slander or defamation of character, you should seek immediate legal counsel. These are serious charges that can carry significant consequences. Please call and arrange an appointment today or contact us through the form provided on this page.