Working To Resolve Contested Guardianships

After their appointment, legal guardians are given a great deal of authority over their elderly wards. When the right candidate is selected, the legal guardian protects the ward’s finances and makes thoughtful choices regarding the senior citizen’s health care matters. Should the guardian abuse this position of power, the effects can be severe and long-lasting.

Family members who suspect the guardian is abusing his or her authority through financial elder abuse or other wrongful acts may contest the guardianship in court. Pursuing justice for this delicate matter requires a vast understanding of Illinois legal codes and procedures.

Promoting Your Interests Throughout Proceedings

Our lawyers at Storm & Piscopo, P.C. attend to all aspects of a contested guardianship case with skill and compassion. We recognize the delicate nature of this legal matter and strive to resolve your family’s issue as expediently as possible.

Whether you are concerned for your loved one’s safety, financial health or any other significant matter, you can depend on our lawyers to identify effective remedies for your situation. We use our litigation experience to secure legal relief and revoke the guardianship.

We file petitions to contest guardianships due to claims of:

  • Financial exploitation
  • Mismanagement of assets
  • Coercion or exertion of undue influence
  • Physical harm
  • Emotional abuse

We are qualified to represent your interests throughout the legal process. From filing motions to conducting pretrial discovery and preparing witnesses, we meticulously prepare for your case. We explore all options when developing our strategy to reduce the emotional impact these proceedings have on your loved ones.

If you believe that your loved one’s safety is at risk, our attorneys can file a petition for emergency guardianships to remove your loved one from a potentially harmful situation. Our attorneys provide comprehensive legal guidance for guardianship disputes.

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