Responding Promptly To Protect Your Reputation

Social media platforms make it easy for individuals to share and observe momentous and mundane events. For those who prefer to keep their business out of the public eye, however, these platforms make it difficult to maintain their privacy.

High-profile officials or celebrities are not the only ones that may have cause to file invasion of privacy claims. Our trial attorneys at Storm & Piscopo, P.C. have represented many Chicagoland residents who have been affected by another’s unlawful intrusion into their private affairs. We take decisive actions to address a range of intricate civil litigation matters, including invasion of privacy cases.

Obtaining Damages For Breach Of Privacy

Our lawyers act promptly to limit the spread of personal information and hold the offenders accountable. We are well-versed in Illinois laws that protect individuals’ right to privacy on the internet, at home, at the workplace, in hospitals and other locations.

We aggressively defend clients filing:

  • Unlawful intrusion claims
  • False light claims
  • Appropriation claims
  • Wrongful disclosure of private facts

When you consult with our firm, we will study the evidence and circumstances surrounding your claim. We will file for injunctive relief to stop the offending party from sharing your private information online and offline.

Our litigators have decades of trial experience and have the qualifications necessary to pursue maximum compensation for our clients. We develop targeted approaches to secure favorable results in a timely manner. We strive to minimize the effect litigation has on our clients’ lives.

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