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What should I do before installing a fence?

Fencing around your home is a must for security and privacy. Installing a new fence might seem like a good option, but it can also call up zoning issues and neighbor disputes if you're not careful. In this case, recommends the following tips to ensure your fence installation progresses without incident.

Talk with neighbors first

Talking with your neighbors about your fencing plan can actually head off quite a few disputes. Not only will it prepare them for any work that's being performed in close proximity to their property, it also allows them to air their grievances before work begins. This is also a good opportunity to clear up disputes about your property lines. Additionally, it's recommended that the side of the fence facing a neighbor's property is finished to ensure it's aesthetically pleasing. 

Check with your HOA

Homeowners' associations often have rules in place to ensure homes in a neighborhood retain a uniform look. Following these rules is important, as you may be faced with a fine for violations if you erect a fence that falls outside of their regulations. Regulations involve things like fence height and design, so make sure you have this information when speaking with your fencing contractor. 

Understand your boundaries

Do you know your exact property lines? If not, now is a good time to have a survey performed if you don't have access to the property's plat. Minimal breaches of property lines are big deals, and you may be asked to tear down your fence if you stray into a neighboring property. You'll also want to look into the zoning regulations where you live, which may be different from HOA rules. While your fence contractor will likely have this info, informing yourself is also recommended.

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