What is the purpose of zoning?

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You may hear a lot about zoning in Illinois. Sometimes zoning issues are a hot topic at community meetings or government events. The idea of zoning, according to the Geneva, Illinois, website is to provide you with the best possible community. It helps to create a better place to live.

Zoning is a type of regulation for what can be built where in a city. For example, you may see areas zoned for business only or residential only. Business zones, as the name suggests, are where businesses may operate or build new locations. Residential areas are reserved for homes, apartments and other residencies. Some areas may have zoning that includes business and residential. There are other classifications as well, such as agriculture for farming.

Creating these zones makes it easier for businesses to operate and for people to enjoy where they live. If you are in a residential zone, you probably want it to be quiet and free from excessive traffic. IN a business zone, though, there may be a lot of noise and traffic. Keeping these zones separate makes things easier for everyone.

Zoning also helps to regulate the growth of an area. A city can better plan for adding more housing or developing a business district when it can use zoning. It also allows for the creation of nice neighborhoods where people want to live, so it can help drive growth in an area in that way as well. This information is for education and is not legal advice.